“Lovely house and beautiful garden which we made good use of”


Aug 2017 Marco, Mireille, Eline, Fabienne, Yselle, Hilde, Arne, Lieke en Sanne

“For the second time in this beautiful stay”


Aug 2017 Robert, Maritha, Fenna, Eline en Aram

A lovely stay

The Ancienne Ecole is well placed for the beach near Vigeois, Pompadour and other lovely places. The pool was a great facility, especially with the weather being so hot. The games room was well used, though the youngsters would have brought their own playstation games if we had known there were none readily available. The house was well equipped, and David was most helpful. If I had one criticism it would be that there were no fans in the bedrooms, so sleeping in such high temperatures was difficult for Brits not used to such warm nights.

July 2017 Frank Osman

“A most pleasant stay in a wonderful setup. The facilities were engaged by all.”


Juli 2017 Frank, Diane, Connor, Betham

“What a nice house! Awesome! Everything is included!”


Mei 2017 Sylvia, Eric en Riet

“Even more than our expectations”


Mei 2017 Peter, Jolet, Gerda, Ryan en Michael

“The house is beautiful”


April 2017 Luga, Daniel, Mareike, Tom, Mouritz, Frieda en Arya

“Fantastic house”


April 2017 Noah, Valentin, Narie, Lucas, Celine, Steph en Louise

Real holidays!

Real holidays Delicious, generous, luxurious, relaxing.

September 2016 Familie Janssen

Super!!! … in short, holidays!

Super! Cozy, beautiful house with a special character! Beautiful location … in short, holiday !!

August 2016 – booking through Airbnb 

A really nice holiday home.

A really nice holiday home. Nice spacious kitchen with all the conveniences, plenty of rest and space and the attic has been completely remodeled: table tennis, playstation, swimming pool, BBQ and more. Especially the space and quiet environment in the village and around the house make this truly a top vacation. The bakery has very tasty sandwiches, a big supermarket is at 10 minutes and the Pizzeria in Pompadour is also recommended if you don’t want to cook. Or just go for a good meal, there are also plenty of options for that. The house is beautifully situated on the hill, right next to the old water tower (highest point of the area). If I have to mention some improvement points, maybe an addional wall/carpet or curtains to reduce the noise in the living room. And the distance from NL is quite long. But that’s just a good excuse to go for a minimum of 2 weeks.

May 2016 anonymous

A spontaneous message from the owners…

We have been able to enjoy our vacation fully; A beautiful destination, a home with all comforts, a lovely garden and a living lounge to be jealous of!

August 2014 – Fam Noordhof & Fritsma

25 Years of marriage…

Thanks to the lovely Ancienne Ecole we’ve rent for our 25 Wedding anniversary and to celebrate with our family. We really enjoyed the stay. What a beautiful home and what a beautiful setting. Especially, we enjoyed the “Living Lounge”. The weather was beautiful, we had some breakfast outside and we visited Uzerche, Rocamadour, Pompadour, Montignac and Oradour sur Glane. We hope we have left the house tidy. Thanks again!

July 2013 – Anonymous


It is 7am, the church bells strikes nine times as always. This will be the last time that we will hear the tolling because we are leaving again (…) So we are ready to take our homesickness towards ‘The old school’ back to Holland.

June 2013 – Family Matthijssen from Nijmegen

An exceptional location!

An exceptional site and a comfortable cottage, very warm and cosy, one week plenty of sunshine, All our expectations were met and we were able to see the championship of  France for young horses! Thank you very much

June 2013 – Famille Lelievre from Nantes, Frankrijk


What an amazing house this is! The first day we had to get use to the size ( our whole apartment in Amsterdam would fit just in the living room) but it didn’t take a long time to get use to the size and this house suits us just fine.

We enjoyed the garden and did a lot of barbecues. Also did some nice walks. On Tuesday morning Michel the butcher is at the door (recommendations: Pâté de Campagne and Coq Au vin (recipe of his mother).

Bye-bye Great house, Maybe till next time!

September 2012 – Familly Brenninkmeijer from Amsterdam 


4 Belgians in a house in Trouche. Overwhelmed by the view and the garden upon arrival, plenty of sun and after 5 minutes we were in the pool. This is a wonderful place to be if you want to explore the area. We went here and there and playing the tourists but always returned happily towards the house ( for only one week). This is how we instantly felt. One week is indeed very short- even with one day of rain- but it was really worth while. Many thanks for the hospitality, you perfectly managed to be the perfect host, even in your absence.

September 2012 – Family Devinck from Landegem, België

Wonderful week…

Its 10.30pm. The children and the grandchildren are all asleep. The bat is hangs in the rafters of the barn. We look at the sky which is covered with stars and enjoying the silence. This was a wonderful week, we have enjoyed your house, we have been coming to this area for the last 20 years and we still love it. TIP:  You are able to have some lovely wood with the Part Des Anges in Segur le chateau. Be sure to book in advance. We will definitely be coming back.

August 2012 – Family Hocks-Blok from Sassenheim

We will definitely be back!

What a cool house that you are having! It all felt great from the first second. We enjoyed the garden, the pool, the environment and off course the well maintained house. We already know the surroundings very well and that is also the reason why we come back every single year. We will definitely come again!

August 2012 – Family Spies-Hocks from Leiderdorp


The people in Troche are very hospitable and love it when tourist make the effort to talk to them ( within a small village and everybody is very curious ( off course!!)). Many thanks for letting us use your house. It is really a fantastic place to be. These two weeks did us very good and we are really well rested.

July 2012 – Family Kok uit Meteren 


Again it was great here and we enjoyed so fantastic weather! We have caught lots of tadpoles. Also the small ‘crocodiles’ on the walls were really worth while to see. The garden was intensively used, from early in the morning till late at night. We have done a lot of sports and did a lot of colouring, riddles and playing in general. Fantastic!

July 2012 – Family Hüsken from Utrecht

Amazing place….

We’ve had a great time in your house. Thank you, it’s an amazing place to stay!! We’ll definitely come back some time.

June 2012 – Family Van Creveld from London 

Beautiful Location…

We have spent two nights in a beautiful location in Troche. The 4 of us and with the car, we have explored the neighbourhood and were surprised by this beautiful untouched nature. We had lunch with shrimp under the terrace with a lovely bottle of Chardonnay. Did a little nap and enjoyed rural tranquillity. In the following Christmas week we hope to come back here and we will then take more of our family members. Be very proud of this property. Many thanks for your hospitality and the good care!

June 2012 – Go and Wim Florijn from Vorden

Wonderful weeks…

We have just spent 2 lovely weeks in your old school. The house has a beautiful picturesque sitting and has been renovated in a rustic style. Especially the attractive floor lighting, the Parisian subway tiles and all the ingenuity which you have processed in this house. It all makes this school a very pleasant place to be. We have visited some nice little villages on rainy days. When the weather permitted, the pool was a feast for the children.

The local population is very friendly and helpful. In Pompadour, you will find what you need to prepare a great meal or to organise a relaxing barbecue on the covered terrace. Under the covered terrace we have discovered a few visitors; a bat and a couple of squirrels.

June 2012 – Family Lansloot and Sempels from Sint Katelijne Waver, België

Very beautiful and cosy

Left Amsterdam at 3am and arrived in Troche at 12 noon. What a beautiful and especially cosy house! We enjoyed great lunches in the sun, the different wines (Bondal-Rosé is delicious!), the delicious breakfasts with croissants, pain au chocolate and bread with French cheese (I couldn’t get enough of it!). In the evening we had some delicious dinners, we barbecued and had the best sleep in the comfortable beds. We have then relaxed a bit more, had superb weather, sunbathed, swam in the swimming pool and laid in the hammock! Yesterday we went for an afternoon to Limoges. Thank you so much for the hospitality and cosiness. This was our first and hopefully not our last trip to Troche! 

August 2012 – Debbie Maat and Kevin Schuurman from Amsterdam

We will be back…

After the long and exhausting trip, the sun was smiling upon us. We opened instantly all the hatches and the Old school bathed in a sea of light. Our compliments to this beautiful building with a great atmosphere.

You have preserved the authenticity to a very high standard and we have not been troubled by any ghosts of ancient inhabitants. The building is good and we have the opportunity to eat outside.

It is astonishing that you can relax almost immediately upon arriving. Great food, comfortable beds, nice music and movies. Some recommendations for trips are Colognes la rouge (great food) and Segur le Chateau. You can also make a lot of beautiful scenic trip by car.

Soon we will arrive back in Amersfoort and we will have to get use to the lack of space, because that what absolutely excels out of your house. We will definitely return here again.  We are happy that we were allowed to live in this school for a week.

August 2011 – Family Verheij from Amersfoort

What a wonderful house and an adorable place

From the very first moment it was total relaxation. Together with the kids in the shower, enjoying a nice bath, drinking a nice wine.  In our something too busy lives this week was very welcome. In one word: enjoying, and actually we do not want to go back home. We had a great time with lots of laughs, played games for hours on end and now we feel that we can go back and take on our busy lives.

July 2011 – Family Van der Vegt from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


These two weeks in France could not have been better…

Two weeks in France had not been better that the last few weeks. 3 families whereby 4 children had the time of their lives here. We have enjoyed of the beautiful weather in the wonderful garden with the feeling of the grass between your toes. The pool is an excellent way to cool down. It is just great to see the kids having so much fun. they became real water rats. The piece and quite here in Troche and the natural environment were really nice for us (things that we do not have in our daily life’s). We returned totally relaxed to the Netherlands. Our days started early because of the kids, after a nice breakfast with fresh croissants from the bakery around the corner, we either relaxed or went for some sightseeing to a beautiful place with a church, a castle or even a local market. After the visit we headed back for a late lunch. In the evening we mostly did a barbecue with a delicious piece of meat/kebab or fish and a dessert with flamed warm peaches/nectarines and vanilla. After that.. some wine/beer/Armagnac.

It is hard to imagine that this use to be a school. The beautiful area downstairs is magnificent, open plan and bordered to the garden. Our first impression was : WOW. The bedrooms are very nice and very luxurious, with all the necessary comfort. Lovely beds and nice showers.

Well, the only thing remaining for me is to say that we had an excellent time for the two weeks that we spent here and it is definitely a place to come back to.

July 2011 – Family Den Ouden from Wassenaar and family Couvee from Utrecht

Super Holiday…

Today we are coming to an end of our two weeks holiday. It was great! We had a superb holiday. The first week it was very cloudy, so we sat inside. A perfect area for a 14 month old boy… Lots to discover! The second week the weather was much better so we relaxed in the garden and even went for a swim!

This house has a great atmosphere. That is why you feel quickly at home.  Even if it is just sitting on the big table and listening to the great stereo ( what a big echo and depth in that area!). We have listened (…) to all, so it is exactly like at home, but you are in a totally different environment. Furthermore, enormous admiration for the work they have putted in this house.

Great, That gives a lot of comfort and no worries at all! And then we have the neighbours, a couple who seems like they have runaway from a movie… A couple of words in French does wonders, Saying hello always delivers a smile on a face. To have a longer conversation is always welcome, even though it takes a bit longer. ( Life goes much slower here and as a ‘stressed out’ Dutchman you can easily forget about that.

We will definitely be back, to once again enjoy the exceptional Old school. Even if it would just be to see the different weather conditions ( fog, sun, rain, rainbows all on one day and also the breath-taking cloud formations)

June 2011 – Familiy de Wit from Haarlem

Everything we could wish for

For us, this was the first holiday with our son Hugo which is 1 and it was pretty exciting, so far away from home. The old school is really equipped with all we could image. Therefore we can not say anything more than: One week at Troche, the old school, that is how you enjoy! The robust authentic decor of the house provides a wonderful and rich holiday experience.  As the cherry on top of whipped cream, we had great warm weather which was ideal to sit back and relax in their wonderful and well maintained garden. Of what concerns the covered outside terrace, Its Brilliant!

The area is beautiful and just the many walks you can do in the area already deserve a big 10. The manual gives you some nice tips which are absolutely worth while to do. In the house you can find tons of (fun) books, games, dvd’s and cd’s which guarantees not a second of boredom. For the Apple and music fanatics; the Apple Airplay, Genius!! Bought it as soon as we got home. To summarize, 3 generation, young and old had a great time. The area of the old school looks great so the expectations were high.  But lets not lie at all! Aernoud, Many thanks!

June 2011 – Bart, Gerrie and Hugo Kouwenoord and Riemie, Henk and Douwe Buruma, Hoorn