Entertainment room

Luxury Entertainment Room
For the summer of 2012, the attic was converted into a spacious and luxurious ‘Entertainment Room’. To offer even more comfort to our guests we have created an ideal place to watch films, listen to music or play a game of table tennis……..or perhaps to just get away from it all. Or on the other hand…………………send your children to this amazing space , and enjoy ‘grown up’ time in downstairs !
The latest technology
The entertainment room (100 m2) is completely darkened in an instant. On a big screen a powerful overhead HD Projector displays DVD and Blu-Ray films, HD satellite TV (incl. Film1- & family subscription) or gaming on XBox360. Powerful surround system makes you believe that you’re in a real cinema. Two air conditioning units maintain an ambient room temperature. The downstairs living room and the entertainment room both have AirPort Express to stream to your laptop (eg iTunes).
  • 100m2 loft and entertainment room (to darken completely)
  • HD projector with large screen and powerful surround system
  • Hard disk with more than 100 current movies in popular genres
  • Satellite TV with several channels, including Film1- and family plan
  • Denon powerful 5.1 surround system
  • XBOX360 Internet connection for online gaming through the projector and surround system
  • Blu-ray player including DVD and Blu-ray’s
  • Table tennis
  • Two heavy air conditioning units for creating an ambient temperature

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